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You’ll find the answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions below. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.
Who are we ?
Stacks360 is a brand new UK-based company that enables its entrants to test their skills and judgment and have a chance to win a large stack of cash. Every fortnight, there is a guaranteed winner who goes home with all the cash in the photo.
How do I enter the competition ?
It’s really simple. You can buy tickets at our online shop at https://stacks360.com/shop.
Once you’ve bought the number of tickets you want, simply validate them after placing your estimation or hold on to them for a following competition.
How is the winner decided ?
At the end of the competition, the entrant who validated the answer closest to the real amount is the winner of the entire stack of cash. There is a guaranteed winner. There are also runner-up prizes and the closest 500 answers are given up to 5 free tickets for the following competitions !
How is the competition judged ?
The entire Stacks360 process - from the photo shooting of the stack to the winner announcement - is overseen by PromoVeritas and their judges. They provide expert judges who are independent of the promoter and their intermediaries to protect the public from any unfair practice or cheating.
Who is PromoVeritas ?
PromoVeritas is a reputable leading firm specialising in promotion judging. Their expertise and passion ensure that that all our processes are fully compliant with British law and guarantee a secure and impartial implementation of the Stacks360 competitions.
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